How Technology Can Save The Trucking Industry

As different expenses, such as rising diesel fuel costs, continue to haunt trucking companies, the shipping industry is in dire need of solutions to ensure lower costs for shipping by truck in the US. The solutions to their problems might be with recent advancements of technology. Many industries across the United States have used new technologies to keep costs down and efficiency up. Recently, major National and Regional trucking companies are beginning to use these new technologies to improve the industry.

Truck drivers have benefited greatly from technological innovations in driving. Technologies on the trucks, such as Global Positioning Systems (GPS), have made it easier for truck drivers to find their destinations more efficiently. A Recent Journal of Commerce articles describes in great detail about how mobile technology is greatly improving the trucking industry by sending data quicker to improve the freight audit process and automate the freight payment process. According to this article, 70% of truck drivers use mobile phones for business and 36% use them to book and bid on leads. These mobile devices allow us to expedite payments and information to truck drivers at a quicker rate. This cuts down on unnecessary costs and downtime. And the number of truck drivers using this technology continues to rapidly grow.

Although carriers and freight brokers are taking full advantage of implementing new technology, so are supply chains and shippers. Instant shipping freight quote technology online has enabled businesses to receive instant rates online for FTL and LTL shipments. If trucking companies can continue to fully embrace groundbreaking technologies, then the domestic trucking industry will be saved.