The Importance of Freight Brokers

In many ways, freight brokers are among the most important people in the trucking industry. Freight brokers act as a bridge in the shipping industry today, connecting carriers and shippers efficiently. For shippers who depend on shipping their cargo by truck, a trusted freight broker will work with you to determine a specific trucking plan that fits your needs and your budget. Due to their high buying power, freight brokers can offer shippers deep discounted freig​ht trucking rates from the nation’s leading carriers. The service includes LTL (less-than-truckload) and full truckload.

For carriers looking to fill their trucks, partnering with a freight broker could be extremely rewarding. Working with a freight broker allows carriers to find new clients, get more freight and bring in more revenue that they wouldn’t normally have. As many carriers and truck drivers struggle to find new customers, empty trucks could be problematic. But by working with a freight broker, carriers can fill their trucks with freight and their pockets with added revenue.

Freight brokers play an important role in improving the economic conditions of the US trucking industry. However, there might be a slight problem. A report from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) found a recent 7-month decline in new truck broker registrations. Experts cite new Federal Government regulations this year and the rising cost of freight, which impacts revenue, as reasons for the decline. Still, veteran freight brokers continue to improve the trucking industry by focusing on making both freight shippers and trucking carriers happy.