Improving Warehouse Efficiency

Is your warehouse costing your company money? Our industry experts weigh in on some simple steps that you can take to improve efficiency and decrease costs - further adding to the bottom line.

1. Ensure your processes have accountability

Warehouse managers often usetechnology to identify errors in fulfillment, but without a proper system of checks and balances, the root causes of these errors will continue. It’s essential to hold workers responsible for any mistakes they make.

2. Keep Records of Changes & Compare Against Error Rates

Warehouse managers often use picker error rates as a way to analyze operations. However, since a number of factors can cause these rates fluctuate, it can be difficult to identify if they’re caused by technology, training or human negligence.

It's a good idea to keep a physical log of all changes in procedures, machines or technology malfunctions, in addition to worker schedules and new hires.

3. Invest in Extended Education and Profit Sharing Programs

Profit sharing programs are a great way to increase warehouse productivity by providing an added incentive for workers. But in order for this to work, employees should be made aware of how they impact the company.

4. Rely on Leadership to Walk the Floor

Ask senior management to walk the floor in order to identify unnecessary warehouse processes. Since these staff members work in a different area of the business, they can provide a fresh set of eyes that can uncover inefficient activities that have become the norm over time.