Inbound Freight

Does your company have inbound shipments coming from your suppliers? Whether coming from domestic or international points, allowing your vendors to arrange for shipping while they bill you can be probelmatic and costly. When your suppliers know that they're billing their customers for shipping, they are usually not very motivated to make sure their rates are as low as possible. Often, we talk to companies who say that their vendors include freight charges - but rest assured that they are simply building the cost of the freight into the goods you're buying.

An important question to ask in such cases is: What would my total cost be if we sent a truck to pick up the freight? You might be suprised how much you can save by doing so. The team at Global Forwarding can even take over all of the work involved in making a Bill of Lading, arranging for the truck to arrive on time, and more. The next time you're ordering from your vendors or suppliers, take an extra minute to see if you can decrease your costs.