Increased US Manufacturing

Policies enacted by the Obama administration have been designed to stimulate economic growth. The US manufacturing industry is one of the cornerstone supporters of local economies in ways that people may not realize. The manufacturing sector accounts for a large number of new American patents & the the research dollars behind their creation. Fields like 3D printing and digital manufacturing are the fastest growing segements of the market. It's a fact that the growth of the American manufacturing sector is outpacing the growth of the economy overall. In the past ten years, the manufacturing sector lost nearly 33% of its workforce because American goods largely fell out of demand. Since 2011, however, the number of workers employed in manufcaturing has increased domestically, and 16,000 new jobs (directly related to manufacturing) have been created. The US has become a more desirable place for manufacturing when compared to the early 2000's. This is good news for the logistics and shipping industries - as increased production means more reliance on domestic transportation services, including LTL, Full Truckload and Intermodal shipments.