Instant Air Quotes released a new video today highlighting their cutting-edge online software that enables users to quickly find instant air freight quotes. is a leading transportation management company, which specializes in carrier and supply chain management. has quickly become a first class provider of management services that allows their customers to achieve significant savings. Companies of all sizes and industries are taking advantage of the state-of-the-art technology, behind, a free resource made available to all customers.

It only takes a few seconds to get instant freight quotes from, including quotes that are up to 95% off. It is extremely flexible to find quotes for domestic and international shipping. Users are also able to compare rates from air carriers, track shipments, schedule pickups and view invoices conveniently. No other logistics company is as quick and efficient as Global Forwarding’s online freight quote software.

Global Forwarding uses groundbreaking technology to create the easiest experience for users to ship air freight. First the user inputs their shipment origin and destination. Then they type the weight and sizes of their shipment items. Finally, they write their contact information. instantly gives them an air freight quote. All of this is done quickly without ever picking up a telephone.

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