Is it Bombay or Mumbai?

Many container ships go in and out of India's largest port city every day and for several years that city was always known as Bombay... or is it Mumbai? It was called Bombay according to the history of the British colony. In 1995 however, when the Shiv Sena party took control of the state assembly, their push for change moved the city's name to Mumbai. Their claim was that Bombay was a legacy from when India was a British colony and should no longer be applicable. They claimed it was a British mispronunciation of the city's actual and original name of Mumbai. The problem is that Bombay had already been established not only as a major port for international trade, but as a major cultural center for India. Changing the name is not something people were ready for nor did many think it was necessary so Mumbai was not immediately embraced as the new name of the city. In fact, many people thought that Bombay was still establishing itself as a vital international city and this name change might alter its standing. The biggest push for change to Mumbai came when the Associated Press announced that it will be using Mumbai as the official name for the port city. This was a huge win for the Mumbai name supporters, but in reality it did not change many of the native people's lives. It seems the local people had been never actually changed to Bombay in the first place. So when people wonder which is it, Bombay or Mumbai? The official name of the city is Mumbai and it is finally recognized as such in the international arena.