Keep Mom and Pop Shippers Happy

Every salesperson is looking for the big cargo shipper that will get the most regular business and account for a steady flow of goods. A smart salesperson, is not discounting the benefits of courting the smaller shippers just as strongly. Nobody wants to be seen as a small fish in a big pond and the mom and pop shippers are no different. Some even think of themselves as having a lot of containers or shipments even though by comparison they do not. Still these are the shippers that bring in a different dimension of the business. Not only are they charged more per shipment or shipping container, but if a salesperson loses that company as an account, it will not devastate his career. Having several smaller accounts may be a little more work, but it is this base that can save a freight forwarder or customs broker or even steamship line their steady flow of goods. So how does a service provider keep even the smaller fish happy? The best part is that it is easy. All these players want is half the attention and customer service that is given to a larger company. After all, they understand that they will not get all of the benefits of a company shipping thousands of containers or airfreight shipments every year. They just want to feel like they are being given the same service and consideration. If a salesperson can do that by checking in regularly and providing the best customer service possible, he will not only create a partnership with these smaller fish, but he will have a loyal customer for a long time.