Keeping International Shipping Cheap

There are several ways to keep international shipping costs low. Although the very best service will be many times be with the top shipping lines, it does not always mean that you cannot get great service while keeping your overseas shipping rates at a minimum. Just like anything else, you need to get to know the product you are paying for, which in this case is container shipping. Not only do you need to know the basics of international shipping, but you also need to figure out what is most important to your company. Do you have unlimited time to get it there, are you going to track your shipping container day by day, do you want the best customer service? These are the types of things you need to prioritize before choosing a carrier. Most of the time, the shipping rates will be based on commodity, quantity and area of the world so your other priorities will make the difference in your price. If you are using an international freight forwarder or an NVOCC, they may be able to assist in keeping costs down because many times they can get better rates based on volume and relationships that they have built with the individual carriers. They may even have an international shipping calculator that will make your search even easier. Either way, once you understand how shipments flow throughout the world, it will be easy to find the best rates possible while keeping in mind your company's other priorities.