Kiel Canal

When we talk about shipping international freight through canals, we are usually discussing either the Panama Canal or the Suez Canal. After all, these are the largest canals in the world and you might think they are also the busiest. The Kiel Canal however is almost always overlooked. Since it is a small waterway in Germany and was built to connect the North Sea with the Baltic Sea people do not see it as a major canal. Although it is not as widely known, the Kiel Canal is arguably the busiest canal in the world if compared ton for ton.

Freight ships can save around 250 nautical miles by going through the Kiel Canal as part of their international shipping routes since they can bypass the Jutland peninsula. This can save shipping companies both time and money since they will have lower fuel costs and shorter transit times by taking this short cut.  The trouble they face is that the waterway needs some updating. The locks themselves are over 100 years old and some ships are unable to pass through because of their large size. Since it is owned by Germany, the German government has set aside funds to build a new lock so that the old locks can be replaced. While this may take a long time to accomplish, it will save shipping companies in the long run since it will allow for less waiting and a smoother transit through the canal.

Since the Kiel Canal is a money saving cut through for freight shipping companies, it is considered a vital route for the shipping industry. It will only help to have the locks and pathways updated to allow for easier transportation.