Last Minute Holiday Shipments

By this time of the year, most of the retail cargo shipments for the holiday rush have been planned and executed at least most of the way. All of the initial shipments were in before last week for the Black Friday Rush and heading in to December there is less and less time before Christmas. Each day becomes precious in making the most out of the holiday shopping season. So what do we do about the last minute orders? How do we get them here without spending a zillion dollars and jumping through hoops? Well for starters, you rely on the people you have partnered with including freight forwarders and brokers to do their jobs and help you out. This does not have to be the logistics nightmare that you are thinking.

The best part of the last minute shipping orders is that you are not the only one doing it. At this point in the season there are many companies finding out what their most popular products are and are looking to refill the shelves with those products as fast as possible. This is why it is so important to work with your freight forwarding company. They can hook you up with shipments from other companies and groupage or at least leverage pricing for airfreight so shipping costs will not be so high. And best of all, they can efficeintialy ensure that your last minute holiday shipment reaches its destination on time. That is a strategy that can be benefiical this holiday shopping season. Hopefully by now there are strategies in place to get you through this holiday time, but even the most seasoned shippers will have a snag every now and then.