Liftgate Delivery Service

As the truck with your freight shipment pulls up to the final destination, the shipping journey is almost complete. All that is left is the removal of the pallet or pallets with your shipment from the back of the truck. Sometimes in this process, it might be necessary to use the liftgate to retrieve your freight. The liftgate is located on the back of the truck and its primary purpose is to lower freight off the truck to the ground, or to help put freight inside before the delivery. That is why some shippers sign up for liftgate delivery service.

In the trucking world, liftgate delivery service refers to a liftgate request for loading or unloading freight from the truck. Some businesses do not need this additional service because they already have the in-house capabilities, like a loading dock or a forklift. But what if you do not have a loading dock or your destination point is a residential area? That is why liftgate delivery service is important and it can be needed.

Usually, the liftgate fees are considered to be accessorial are not included in an LTL freight quote. However, if your destination does not have a loading dock, then you should use the liftgate delivery service to get your freight off the truck. Consult a freight forwarder to discuss your options and the benefits of liftgate delivery service. One benefit is a quicker delivery, and the time saved might be enough reason to sign up for this service.