Logistics Tips for Small Business Owners

Logistics plans are an important part of every business. You need to have a logistics plan in place if you want your business to run smoothly. Without a proper plan in place, shipping products or materials between warehouses, offices and consumers can be very costly.

Keep Your Logistics Budget Detailed

You need to know exactly how much money is going into your logistics. You need to have logistics in your budget more detailed than just a general expense. You need to know how much you are spending on warehouse fees, deliveries, shipping, packaging, etc. If you can see how much everything adds up, then you can make better decisions on areas you can cut costs and find better deals. Make sure you are getting what you are paying for in each chain in your logistics plan.

Always Research Costs

Take advantage of free quotes from shipping companies. Do the proper research and make sure your quote is as accurate as possible. Never settle on the first quote you get. It could end up costing you money and upsetting clients. If you get accurate quotes from multiple companies, you can get a much more competitive offer for your order.

Consider a Contract

Shipping is an incredibly competitive business and companies like FedEX, UPS and the USPS are happy to offer you significant discounts, if you are willing to sign a contract to use them for your shipping needs. Make sure you shop around and ask for incentive based discounts. Sometimes incentive based discounts aren’t offered unless you ask for them.

Use Business Software Technology

Excel along with pen and paper, can do wonders and will be a solid start on your logistical planning. If you want to take your logistics planning to the next level you will need proper business software. With proper logistics software you can organize and automate everything and give any employee access to view or edit orders as well. Some notable programs to look into are RescueTime, Flow and Asana.

Develop Partnerships

Work hard to develop relationships with your vendors and suppliers. If you can develop a great relationship you may be able to get better deals or request favors if you are in a bind. If you are in a relationship where they treat you as a partner and not just another small business, you will be in much better hands!


Logistic can be complicated and hard, but great logistics plans can be a huge competitive advantage. If you can optimize your process to get the best shipping prices possible you will be very competitive. Your customers will appreciate the great shipping prices and nothing is better than happy customers.

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