Nationwide LTL Shipping

Shippers have many expectations for an exceptional LTL freight service. This includes relying on a special type of trucking service that is unique and can provide options for serving whole regions or the entire nation.

There is some recent news that could have some shippers looking at it with increased interest. Trucking carriers Ward Transport and Dependable Highway Express recently announced the formation of an LTL partnership between both companies later this year. The result, they say, of the partnership is coverage between enough states to cover both the east coast and the west coast.

A novice might see this news as revolutionary. The truth is that freight forwarders have been providing coast-to-coast LTL freight shipping for years. And that is only a small portion of the many logistics services developed by freight forwarders. It turns out that freight forwarders have partnered with dozens of the nation’s leading carriers to provide full nationwide shipping. Through the partnerships, freight forwarders can handle all types of LTL packaging. The result of all of this includes technology that will allow shippers to receive instant LTL freight shipping quotes online. Through the technology, shippers can compare rates between all of the carriers. This is better than what they would have received through 1 single carrier partnership. This helps the shippers save time and money. The technology also allows shippers to track their shipments while in transit.

Although all new carrier partnerships might sound groundbreaking, the truth is that most freight forwarders have been providing great nationwide service for years now.