Overseas Distributors & Clients: Don't Say No!

Sometimes, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors receive inquires from overseas companies who whish to distribute or resell their products. In many cases, the request is denied or not taken seriously because of the complexities that are sometimes feared when customs and international
shipping becomes involved. GlobalForwarding.com has a team of experts who are able to assist shippers with obtaining instant rates for shipments, helping with paperwork and customs issues, and planning overall logistcs and movement of products. In such cases, both revenues and profits can
improve as more goods are being sold. The GlobalForwarding.com website provides all customers with free access to FCL and LCL quotes for Ocean shipments, as well as Air freight shipments which can even include door-to-door delivery to nearly any country in the world. Internaional shipping and increased revenue can be just a few clicks away when you choose GlobalForwarding.com to handle potential increases to the complexity of your supply chain!