Pallet Information

Pallets are portable platforms made of wood, plastic or metal which are designed to make it easier to transport goods whether boxed goods or just a heavy piece of cargo that may need a forklift, pallet jack or front loader to move. More often in shipping, we see the wooden pallets with slats that allow for a forklift, etc to fit underneath and lift the cargo easily for stacking and more stable shipping. These have a standard size of 40"x48" and are many times swapped out when shipping in order to be reused.


  • When a shipment is weighed, it should be weighed on the pallet it will be shipped on so the actual weight is calculated for costs.
  • Dimensions should also be taken with the pallet in mind. This is will help determine where the pallet will fit in to the shipment whether via air, ocean or land.
  • When stuffing a container, it is important to use these weights to balance out the container for less shifting in transit. This is especially important with a load that does not fill the container completely.