Panel on 21st Century Freight Transportation

In 2013, the United States House of Representatives held a special committee called the “Panel on 21st Century Freight Transportation”. The committee, which is comprised of both Republicans and Democrats, created this panel for several reasons. First, the panel examined the current state of the United States freight industry. Then they discussed ways to improve the industry, especially with ocean freight transportation. The goal of the panel is to determine how to transport goods between all of the different modes of transportation and to improve the infrastructure in the United States to prevent ‘bottlenecks’ of freight.

The panel included expert speakers, like representatives from FedEx and the South Carolina Ports Authority. The committee shed more light about the needs of US ports to stay competitive in a global economy, something freight forwarders are well aware of. In addition to the panel held in Washington, the members of Congress on the committee visited US ports and logistics facilities so that they can see firsthand the process of shipping containers and bulk freight.

The committee is also trying to improve the shipping industry because of its importance in the US economy. After all, businesses that receive instant shipping quotes online depend heavily on the industry, so any type of improvements in the industry would greatly help US businesses. The panel will continue throughout 2013. Afterwards, they will hopefully have a plan to help the US shipping industry compete globally against the best shipping nations throughout the World. And hopefully that plan includes ways to improve the maintenance of US ports.