Planning for Chinese New Year

Every year importers around the United States must take a look at the calendar and make provisions for the various cultural holidays that will be coming up. Chinese New Year is a big one for cargo coming from the Asian markets. During Chinese New Year, it can be very difficult to move any cargo out of China. The Chinese people have a fourteen day celebration and many times will not accommodate requests or orders during that time. Companies are not available for contacting much less shipping out goods. This can make it tough for importers, but with a little planning ahead the two weeks will pass by without a hitch. There are various different plans companies will come up with, including advising their own customers about Chinese New Year. Many companies choose a bigger gamble based on forecasts and purchase more inventory in advance so they have their products on hand for their customers when they need them. While this may seem like the best way to go, this is hardly an option for smaller companies or companies who have a leaner capacity for inventory. More inventory means laying out more funds and/or space in an already crowded warehouse. In this economy it may not be the best choice. Another option that can be a great plan for delaying cargo to middle America or the East Coast without paying more is choosing an all water vessel instead of mini land bridge from through west coast ports. This can be a win-win for both companies since the Chinese company will be able to ship before their holiday and the American company will receive their goods at a more appropriate time. No matter how you handle foreign holidays, with a little planning, it can be as smooth as any other shipping time.