Port Metro Vancouver Strike Imminent

    Port Metro Vancouver container truck drivers had a new pay rate proposed to them by the provincial government that according to representatives will not resolve the issue of undercutting and low levels of compensation. Container truck drivers in the port were a highlight of an earlier story this year when 2, 000 union and non-union workers left the job for 28 days. When an agreement was reached in March, the Ministry of Transportation was supposed to provide fair wages for drivers. Unfortunately according Manny Dhillon, a representative from the United Truckers Association, the proposed rate are not even close to what was agreed.

    The proposed pay rates provides a minimum rate for all drivers and minimum hourly wages of $26.28 for drivers employed by trucking companies. However, some drivers are paid flat per-container or per-trip rates, while others are paid by the hour.  The drivers who are employed by companies and paid on a per-trip rate are actually getting lower pay than they already have unless they manage to get four trips a day. The proposed per trip rate is at $40, a significant decrease from the previous rate of $45. According to Dhillon "These drivers need to be paid hourly, we were making more before the dispute". If agreements are not met quickly the Port may face another strike at the beginning of this year, and leave an impact that the international industry will surely feel.