Pre-Shipment Inspections for Exports

In exporting there are certain criteria that we need to take care of in order to get cargo moving. Depending on where you are shipping, some of the rules can be different. This includes getting a pre-shipment inspection. Pre-shipment inspections are required by governments in order to import into certain countries. They are looking to be sure that the exporter is charging the true value of the goods to the importer and everything is being handled according to the law.

Many countries require pre-shipment inspections from specific countries and not others. They may be looking to be sure that the goods are at the appropriate standards for the amounts that are being paid or they may want to make sure no one is tampering with costs in order to avoid paying higher duties. In some cases they may only require an inspection for specific goods and specific reasons. When exporting from the United States, these inspections are usually paid for by the importer abroad. Usually you will need to find an inspection company and set it up before shipping internationally although you may be assigned one in certain circumstances. Either way your freight forwarder should be able to help you get started with the inspection to avoid any delays in your shipment. They will usually have companies that they deal with for international shipments and can set it up relatively easily.

Pre-shipment inspections have become a standard part of shipping for many exporters in the United States and around the world. Although the reasons for inspection can differ, most shipments do not have delays as a result of a pre-shipment inspection.