Punctuality in Shipping

A year or so ago, container shipping companies like Maersk were touting that the international logistics market is no longer fighting for customers based on pricing. They were claiming that the new competitive edge would come with on time arrivals and punctuality of container deliveries. Maersk in particular started its Daily Maersk program which is meant to allow companies to schedule without adding buffer days to their transit times. While this may seem like a promise they will not be able to keep, it is one of the more important aspects of competing for customer during the recession when lower prices are not enough.  In a slim market, companies need to be able to count on their providers as part of their global shipping services.

Late deliveries equal higher costs for many different companies in the supply chain. This is an established rule in the shipping industry. Shippers are not looking to ship with companies who cannot guarantee their stability of quoted transit times.  Punctuality can make or break a shipping line when there are fewer customers shipping regularly. Even early arrivals can be costly for some companies. If a shipping container arrives too early it can mean additional storage costs for the shipper which is also a problem.  While it seems drastic to expect shipping lines to adhere to their listed transit times, it can be a great relief to close the shipping window to a stricter amount of time. Punctuality is the one way companies can be sure to keep their budgets in line and their customers happy. That is why you should use a trusted Freight Forwarder who is reliable with international shipping.