Quick Tips to Avoid Rebills

Managing your freight costs effectively is one of the keys to increasing your bottom line. One of the most common ways that freight cost can increase unexpecedly is by the reclassification or reweighing of your shipment. LTL carriers have the right to inspect your shipment if choose to, and many carriers inspect the majority of shipments that move through their system.

The Global Forwarding team has put together these few pieces of advice to help increase the chances of your shipments moving smoothly and without any additional charges.

Determining your freight class is one of the more difficult parts of shipping freight, and as always, our Support team is happy to assist with this process at (877) 287 - 0804.

Another common issue is that shippers use the same freight class for their shipments, without checking to ensure that the classification hasn't changed over time. The NMFTA will post any changes on their website, and regularly checking for changes that affect your shipments can help avoid unexpected rebills.

Paying close attention to the weight of your shipment is also of tremendous importance. All weights used for getting quotes, or that are entered on your BOL must be exact weights - not approximate figures. Remember to include the weight of the pallet and other packaging material that is on your pallet, and be sure to have your scale tested and calibrated often!