Refrigerated Trucking

The domestic transportation of perishable food items requires a unique trucking experience. When shipping these types of food by truck, simple insulation will not be enough to keep your shipment pristine, especially on a long cross-country shipping route. Your food might spoil, causing the food to become unhealthy for consumption and you will lose money. That is why a refrigerated truck comes in handy when shipping these types of products. For perishable food items shipped domestically, freight forwarders recommend refrigerated trucking (or reefer trucking).

A refrigerated truck is fully equipped with temperature-controlled technology so that you can determine the exact temperature of the truck that is transporting your food items. If you need the temperature to be cold as ice, you can control it as such. For example, if you are shipping frozen food, you can ship the items at below Fahrenheit. Or if you are shipping produce, such as broccoli, you can ship at the recommended 34-36 degrees Fahrenheit. That way, your shipment stays fresh and healthy. Only a refrigerated truck can allow you to store and ship perishable food items across the US by properly controlling the temperature.

Many shippers find themselves seeking temperature-sensitive shipping for all types of commodities. The space on a refrigerated truck is usually a bit less due to the space the equipment inside takes up. Although more work is required to move food items, it is very common. The freight shipping rates for refrigerated shipping can also be unique. Considered that there are regulations for maintaining the proper temperature for certain commodities in certain industries, refrigerated trucking might be your best option.