The Relationship Between Trucking & the Economy

The relationship between the trucking industry and the economy can be best described as delicate. Often, the current diagnosis of the economy might forecast how the trucking industry is doing in the US. Likewise, increased usage of domestic trucking could really drive the economy forward. That is why Small and Medium-sized businesses engaging in shipping could really improve the economy. A recent survey from shipping provider Saia found that 56% of Small and Medium-sized businesses are optimistic that the economy is starting to improve. This is great news, especially since many of these smaller businesses engage in LTL and Trucking across the US.

Perhaps their optimism in the economy is based on recent facts. The Journal of Commerce reports that trucking trade between the US and Canada increased by 2%, and increased between the US and Mexico by 7%. The value of overall trucking exports from the US to Canada and to Mexico continues to climb as well. These increases in trade and value are all thanks to the growing trucking industry in the US and the shippers who consistently turn to trucking as their main source of transportation.

Even as the US trucking industry goes through some changes, including new hours of service rules for truckers, it is so refreshing to see that small businesses that ship are more likely to be optimistic of the economy. Freight forwarders around the US are certainly paying close attention to this by continuing to offer excellent services and rates to those shippers looking to use LTL and trucking.