Sandy and Forwarding

With everyone changing focus from the Presidential Candidates to Hurricane Sandy, we as Americans have a lot to think about. For the shipping industry, we worry about the Northeast and where our cargo is and where it can go if the power continues to be out.  After all, Sandy was no match for Romney or Obama. She came in and took over the news channels and battered the east coast. So much so that trucking companies and warehouses have been affected by this storm and many are not likely to recover any time soon.  This is why freight forwarding companies and NVOCC’s have started to get creative. Many smart companies like Global Forwarding have set up interim warehousing spaces for cargo to move to. Many of these companies have facilities set up just for the hurricane aftermath to provide instant freight quotes

While people have been concerned with their goods getting in and out of New York port, they have not been thinking of the rails that were affected and how the trucking companies will get their containers once they have come off the ships.  Since there are additional delays in the rail services that run through West Virginia due to the blizzard as well as the gas shortages for truckers, it will be harder to get cargo in and out of the Northeast. Thankfully most forwarders are coming up with plans for shipping advices and rail alternatives as well. As it is, the gas rationing has started in New Jersey so that can be helpful for truckers. There are also many companies that have been sending all of their manpower east to assist in the cleanup. Will everyone working together, we will be on the track to rebuild before long.