Saving on Fuel by using Intermodal

Rail is the most fuel efficient way to transport freight. Even as fuel prices have decreased in recent weeks, fuel remains one of the biggest factors in determining freighr rates. For this reason, intermodal freight shipping can provide significant fuel cost savings when compared to trucking. In addition to potentially lower rates, shipping by rail is good for the environment, which is important to many companies.  Additionally, intermodal is safe and often moved by very large companies, providing a dependable alternative to the truckload market - especially duting times when capacity is tight.

An intermodal shipment in the US normally consists of an intermodal container being moved by a truck to a rail depot, where it's loaded onto a rail car. On the destination end, the opposite is true. Regular or recurring shipments are particularly well suited for intermodal because it can provide a consistent supply chain solution. Intermodal is a good fit for a range of freight and products. However, the shipments that are best suited for Intermodal are typically longer haul lanes moving to or from 200-300 miles of a major city.