Selecting the Pickup Window

Shortly after requesting for an LTL freight shipping quote, you will begin to book your freight shipment with your trusted freight forwarder. During the simple booking process, the issue of the pickup window will be discussed. The pickup window remains an important aspect of the trucking process. It is important to understand how the pickup window works. The pickup window is the time designated when the carrier will pickup your cargo from the initial location.

Novice shippers might be curious about the timing of the pickup window. Although pickup window times vary based on the carrier, most of the time they occur in the afternoon or early evening. Mornings are usually the designated time for truck drivers to deliver previous LTL freight shipments. And although some carriers could have a pickup window of up to four hours, the logistics industry standard is usually two hours for pickup. For example, as a shipper, your freight forwarder might give you the option of choosing pickup windows of either 3pm-5pm or 2pm-4pm. These times are approximate.

There could also be numerous obstacles that might occasionally delay the pickup window. These factors include inclement weather, mechanical problems with the truck or perhaps the truck driver’s schedule is incredibly full of pickups with insufficient time. For shippers who want to try to avoid delays, make sure you select an accurate pickup time that is available. Planning ahead by working with your freight forwarder is the best way to ensure that the pickup of your freight occurs on time.