Services for Shipping a Vehicle Abroad

There are many types of vehicles to be transported and they are continuously moving on cargo ships all over the world. So much so that there are many international freight forwarders and shipping companies that only work with vehicles. Depending on where or when a person ships can determine who they should use and which way they should ship their vehicle. If a person is shipping only one vehicle, maybe a car for personal use, they might have it loaded into a container specially fitted for cars. This type of container is much like the trailers seen transporting cars on the road. A few cars are on the top and a few on the bottom. This can be very effective for moving only a few cars and since they can be consolidated with other vehicles, they will ship at a lower cost than shipping on their own. Sometimes companies will call this roll-on roll-off service, however, there is another service called roll-on roll-off service that pertains to the ships themselves. This is a service where vehicles are literally rolled on and rolled off to get on and off the cargo ships. These ships are specifically outfitted with ramps and doors designed to allow vehicles to roll on and off. This type of service is mainly used for commercial business and can be for all different types of vehicles, including cars and trucks as well as construction types of vehicles that would be much too big to fit in a container. Depending on which type of vehicle a person is trying to ship will determine which services will be needed and which freight forwarders will be best for their shipment.