Shipping To And From China

As trade between the United States and China continues to improve, it is important to understand the shipping freight process between both nations. An improved supply chain and logistics backbone, powered by freight forwarders, fueled the growing trade between the US and China. Last year, the United States exported over $100 Billion of goods to China and imported nearly $400 Billion of goods from China. The United States imports nearly ¼ of all the goods from China. Top US Imports from China include electrical machines, power equipment, toys and furniture. The shipping industry has encouraged tremendous growth with China’s economy. In fact, 9 out of the top 12 ports in the World are now in China.

To keep up with the competition, manufacturers are always looking for the best ocean freight rates possible. However, those rates depend on the commodity and the ports. For example, you may have a particular rate if you are shipping from New York to Shanghai. However, if you need to ship to Beijing instead, the rate might change. Another factor to consider might be the carrier. There are many carriers that work from the US to China, including UASC, Mitsui and MSC. To ensure that you get the best rate for shipping between the United States and China, you should secure an instant ocean freight quote online. An instant rate will ensure efficiency in shipping and you will receive competitive rates from leading carriers who frequently transport goods between the US and China. After all, instant quotes are a big reason why trade between the US and China keeps growing.