Shipping and Typhoon Haiyan

We are all saddened by the horrific news out of the Philippines with regards to Typhoon Haiyan and the horrific damage left there. We all want to donate money and items to help the people of the Philippines right now. The obstacle is that an ocean freight vessel from the US might take up to a few weeks before arriving at the ports in the Philippines. And then having the relief reach areas hits hard can be especially difficult because of all of the damage and possible looters. According to the Journal of Commerce, a few shipping carriers, namely air cargo carrier Lufthansa and ocean freight carrier Mitsui OSK Lines, will be sending donations free of charge to the victims of the typhoon. It is great news for the shipping industry to see carriers make a difference in helping victims of a catastrophe.

The Philippines is a prolific trade partner with the United States. There is a free-trade agreement between the US and the Philippines. Main imports to the US from the Philippines include parts from computers, electronic and cars. The main exports to the Philippines from the US include the raw materials for those parts. The US imports more from goods the Philippines than we export every year, but the totals were slightly closer in 2013.

While we don’t know yet, the typhoon could impact international shipping rates for the region. For shippers who want to ship to the Philippines, please consult a trusted freight forwarder who can help guide you through the shipping process.