Shipping Companies...Does Size Matter?

When shipping internationally, many people get wrapped up in whether or not they have found the best global shipping services or the best freight shipping rates, but they also worry about the size of the shipping companies they are using. For a truly large import or export company, which is a company shipping thousands of cargo shipping containers every year, yes size does usually matter. The companies you use will need to be able to handle the extreme amount of paperwork and tracking, etc that will be involved. A midsized company, shipping only a few hundred containers, would not need to be as concerned with those issues, but the size could still matter. These are the companies that can either be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond with a freight forwarding company or even a shipping line. They will need to determine what is more important to them. If it is rates, they may have better luck with a smaller service provider since they may not have as many customers at the same level of shipping. If it is services, then the larger company may be better since they usually have more visible tracking and customer preferred policies. Then with a small shipper, usually they are better off with a small to midsize service provider. Not only will they have more details on their shipments and get better rates, but they will not feel cast aside when they need help with a problem. All in all, it definitely depends on the company shipping, but size usually does matter.