Shipping Hazardous Freight

When you have hazardous material that needs to be transported, and its network of over 85 national & regional LTL carriers can help! Our employees are trained experts and can help answer your questions, and make sure that you are in compliance with laws and regulations. It is important to note that state and federal regulations not only apply to the carrier, but to the shipper as well.

When you are shipping hazardous material, it is important that you know the regulations which apply to you, because unsafe transport of chemicals or hazardous materials can get your company into serious trouble. The shipper and anyone involved in loading or "offering for transport" the chemical or hazmat shipment should be trained an know how to ship hazardous materials. Your Bill of Lading fmust include: the date, a 24-hour contact number, the shipper's name and address, the quantity of dangerous goods, unit of measure and number of packages. It must also include the TDG shipping name, the class, the UN number and packing group