Shipping Hazardous Material By Truck

Most trucking carriers who handle LTL shipping will transport your products with ease. But what if you are shipping a hazardous product by truck? Do the same trucking rules apply? If you are shipping a hazardous product, you must establish that your items are hazardous immediately in the freight forwarding process. Otherwise, you might be paying additional future costs for LTL shipping. The Department of Transportation regulates which materials are considered hazardous by the possible health and safety danger from your shipment.  

What materials are considered hazardous by the Department of Transportation? The list includes flammable gas, toxic solids, poisons, flammable items and other potentially dangerous materials. The most important factor when determining the cost of transporting hazardous materials by truck is the hazardous freight class. Generally speaking, explosives comprise Class I, gases are Class II, flammable liquids are Class III, flammable gases are Class IV, oxidizing substances are Class V, infectious and toxic substances are Class VI, radioactive materials are Class VII, corrosive substances are Class VIII and miscellaneous substances of dangerous nature are Class XI. And while there are some trucking carriers who do handle hazardous materials, there are other carriers do not transport those materials because they lack the required licenses.

To get a better understanding of shipping hazardous materials by truck, you must consult a reputable freight forwarder. In addition to the low-cost LTL shipping quote and efficient customer service provided by a freight forwarder, they can also guide you through the process of shipping hazardous materials, so that you can do so legally, cost-effectively and with great ease.