Shipping Impacted By Truck Driver Issues

Transporting freight domestically across the United States is never an easy task, especially with truck drivers. Every year since the dawn of trucking, there seems to be a reoccurring shortage of truck drivers. However, 2013 might be worse. Recent issues regarding truck drivers could impact the shipping industry in the US. The Journal of Commerce reports driver turnover rates higher than 100%. Less drivers means less trucks on the road at any given time. This would diminish the number of shipments by truck in the US. In order for carriers to replenish their stock of truck drivers, they must hire new drivers to meet the demand. This would cost more money and would certainly impact the cost of shipping freight quotes. And in this troubling economy, higher shipping costs would be terrible for US businesses.

In addition in 2013, the US Government will be heavily regulating the number of hours of rest a truck driver must receive after driving for many hours. Although the American Trucking Association could challenge the regulations, a compliance deadline is fast approaching in 2013. If truck drivers are required to spend less time on the road, it could seriously delay the efficiency of domestic shipping. In turn, this might raise shipping prices. A shortage of truck drivers and hours could really hurt the shipping industry.

While we hope that the truck driver situation resolves itself, in these uncertain shipping times, you need to take precaution. A trusted freight forwarder can use their understanding of supply chains, shipping and logistics to get you a good shipping price and to efficiently guide you through any complications in the shipping industry.