Shipping Industry is Not Just Stevedores

When people think of working in the shipping industry, they tend to think of ports and people working at the ports like stevedores and ship captains. In reality though there are many different aspects of shipping so there are many different positions and many different types of companies. When a company is beginning to import or export goods, they will quickly learn that there are many people involved in moving their goods.

What is the first thing you need to do once you know your ocean freight cargo is ready? Find a steamship line. At this point you can look online for ocean freight rates, which is determined by people in the pricing department of the steamship line. Then In order to figure out which one to use or what kinds of considerations you may have you may want to contact a freight forwarder. They may even be able to handle any customs clearance as part of their freight forwarding services

Once you have booked your cargo, that booking will go through the many aspects of the steamship line including the department that determines where to place your shipping container on the ship. You will gate in your container with a clerical person at the port and eventually receive a pre-advice from customer service people either with your freight forwarder or the steamship line. The next part is the inland transportation at destination either by truck or rail or both which will include more individuals including dispatchers, truck drivers, customer service reps, etc.

There are so many different aspects of the shipping industry and so many people involved in moving the cargo. It really is amazing what gets accomplished in a day. The shipping industry is definitely not just longshoremen and stevedores.