Shipping Liability

Trucking is still the most popular domestic shipping method. As with any method of shipping, there could be loss or damage to certain shipments. In case of a loss or damage to your shipments, your carrier could be liable to pay some damages. Each carrier might have their own liability policy stating which damages are covered, and how much the shipper would receive in return. The liability for trucking is often based on the weight, number of pounds, or the number of shipments. All of the liability information is usually written on a shipping bill of lading. And the minimum liability is usually included in your freight shipping quote. Check with your logistics provider to see what your carrier is liable for if there is certain damage or loss that could occur to your freight shipment.

There is usually a maximum liability that a carrier pays for loss or damage to your shipment. This maximum liability is available for national or regional shipments. A released-value rate is the liability based on the value of the freight shipment. In this case of the released-value rate, the liability value offered from the trucking carrier is the less than the full value of the freight. Usually in return, the carrier would offer a lower rate.

For shippers who are concerned about damage, and would like to receive the full value instead of the basic minimum coverage, additional freight cargo insurance might have to be purchased. This coverage will be listed in writing with the specific details. Consult with your trusted freight forwarder to find out more.