Shipping Lines Rejecting Cargo

Shipping lines have a lot of leeway regarding their cargo. They can and will reject your international cargo if it does not meet the standards that they have for both shipping the cargo as well as the documentation involved with the cargo. Some commodities in particular can have dangerous materials or can pose a particular risk if all of the steps are not taken to secure the cargo.  Other times it is not about the commodity at all but rather your shipping container’s late arrival. Whatever the reason, rejecting your cargo can be a big problem if you are running a tight supply chain. A trusted freight forwarder can assist you when dealing with this.

Shipping lines are not usually looking to reject anyone’s shipping cargo. With the shipping industry still trying to move out of the recession, they can use all of the customers they can get. However even low freight rates and the best transit times cannot help if they need to reject cargo, especially due to space. In fact some shipping lines like Maersk have started programs with their customers to elevate them to higher priority. Maersk calls it a priority product upgrade but many carriers have begun to adopt these practices. It is a program that will ensure that your company’s shipment will make the ship even if there is a full load and you are the last ones gating in. These types of programs can help both the steamship line and the customers so it is a win-win.  

No one wants their shipments getting bumped due to small issues. As long as your shipment arrives on time, having your commodity set and your documents correct is the best way to ensure your shipment will not be rejected by the steamship line.