Shipping for the Olympics

Everyone is excited about the Summer Olympics beginning in a few weeks. Olympic contenders will be shipping their equipment and general belongings to London to compete for the gold medals. The last thing they need is to have to worry about whether or not their personal effects will make it there in time. As a result, many shipping companies join in to sponsor the different teams around the world. This allows for easy movement of their sporting goods as well as other items to keep their minds on the games. Not only do airfreight carriers, freight forwarders and steamship lines get involved, but specialty shipping teams like horse transporters and handlers do as well. It is a challenge keeping everything moving to its correct end user. It is imperative that the Olympic planning committees spell out each stage of the process for delivery of this cargo so that all competitors receive their goods within the right window since there is only 11 days of competition. Freight forwarders such as Global Forwarding get involved for the love of the games and the challenge of moving the equipment swiftly to the athletes under the pressure of a small window. In the case of Global Forwarding, they have been involved with their sponsorship since well before the games will start so they have a good general idea of what they are in for once the Winter Games begin. As for the shipping companies moving equipment for the Summer Games, hopefully there will be no last minute challenges so the athletes can concentrate winning the gold.