Shipping Salaries into 2015

HR Consulting from Spinnaker Global has started their data collection process for its annual maritime salary survey. Now in its ninth year, benchmarks the annual base salaries, allowances and bonuses of nearly 100 shore-based shipping jobs, including commercial, operations, technical, marine and safety, crewing, new building, ship broking, purchasing, legal, HR and many more. Participation is open to members of the Maritime HR Association; a membership body of global maritime employers.

Emily Warren HR Consulting’s compensation and benefits consultant states “This year will be the biggest survey we have undertaken. We have over 90 members of the Association worldwide providing data for jobs in over 60 countries”

HR Consulting’s, Karen Waltham, also added “the data we provide gives a valuable insight into salary trends in the maritime world. It’s one of the biggest and only surveys of its kind in the industry.”

HR Consulting’s survey is scheduling for distribution in late September, followed by, one month later, their annual market analysis report. The market analysis report is a valuable tool for HR and business professionals so they can view pay projections, inflation rates, bonus trends and differences in pay between company types and vessel types.

As a refresher, below are a few highlights from the 2014 salary survey:

  • Approximately 10,000 pieces of data are used in the salary survey each year
  • Data is reported for 19 individual countries and 4 regions (Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific and Worldwide)
  • Data provided are base salaries, total compensations, percentage bonuses and cash bonuses
  • Data is presented in percentiles, from P10 to P90 giving a full market range