Shipping Your Car Internationally

In international shipping, there are some commodities that seem to be more intimidating when people are shipping individually. Shipping personal effects for instance can seem less daunting than shipping a personal automobile. There seems to be more inspections and more concerns with a car than stuffing goods into the shipping container. In reality though, shipping automobiles can be much like shipping any other commodity

Shipping your car can be seamless if you take the time to research what needs to be done. There are a few additional steps like emptying your gas tank or making sure there are no personal effects in your car that only you can do. Many of the other steps will be handled by your freight forwarder or shipping line. Freight Forwarders will usually use a team of agents to make sure every leg of the trip is handled according to local regulations. Sometimes this may entail multiple inspections or additional paperwork that is specifically for shipping a car overseas.

Depending on if you are shipping roll on roll off (RO-RO) service or shipping in a container there may be other considerations as well. For many people, RO-RO service is more cost effective since freight rates are lower than shipping in a container. Which ever way you choose, you will need a copy of your passport, title and shipping documents in order to get your car moved to another country. Shipping your car internationally can be fairly easy if you take the time to prepare ahead and use a trusted Freight Forwarder to help you along the way.