Trade Show Shipping

Promoting your business as an exhibitor in a trade show, convention or business expo can be a great thing. This event gives your business the opportunity to reach numerous interested clients at once. Most businesses prepare for trade shows by determining the visual setup of their booth, complete with large displays. Some exhibitor booths are so large at the trade shows that the booth literally includes a second floor connected by stairs. After organizing the booth details, the business should consider their options for the transportation of the trade show materials to and from the event.

Sometimes, a trade show or a convention might include an “official” trucking carrier provided by the organizer for transporting materials. However, that “official” carrier might not offer the best services or trucking rates. Therefore, it might be best for a business to reach out to a freight forwarder for help with transporting materials to a trade show.

Some considerations for trade shows include finding a carrier who can work with the unique needs and specifications of a trade show. The carrier should offer door-to-booth or booth-to-door shipping options, and can handle shipments in different towns and venues. The carrier should have a solid reputation in trade show shipping. When transporting the trade show materials, a business should choose between less-than-truckload or full truckload options depending on the number of materials. And sometimes, a business might require storage of materials in-between trade shows. These are important considerations that a business needs to think over when deciding on transportation options for trade shows.