Trade With Syria

With the threat of a possible conflict with Syria, some people are concerned about the impact that this news will have on US-Syrian trade and on shipping international freight. The truth is that US-Syrian trade has diminished in recent years. After a peak trade year between the US and Syria in 2010 (in which exports totaled over $503 Million and imports totaled over $429 Million), trade is down. In 2012, exports and imports between the US and Syria equaled about $19.5 Million each. And 2013 is projected to be worse. By June 2013, the export total was $2.9 Million for the year and the import total was $9.9 Million.

The Syrian Accountability Act of 2004 placed limitations on how the US can trade with Syria. Essentially, it bans trade on items with more than 10% of the manufacturing completed in the US and limits the trade to mainly just food or medicine to Syria. In 2013, the United States decided to ease these trade restrictions in Syria for the opposition-controlled areas. Companies can now apply for an export license to ship with Syria in those areas. And the new changes allow for trading computers, more food and construction materials in shipping containers.

The other concern about a possible large-scale conflict is the impact of trade between the US and our trade partners in the Middle East and Mediterranean region. Consult with your trusted freight forwarder to see how your international freight shipments in the Middle East could be impacted during this possible conflict between the US and Syria.