Transportation Management System

Perhaps the biggest innovation in logistics in recent years has been with the technology. For example, the most important technology has been instant freight shipping quote software, which most shippers can access online for free at anytime. Another important software used by many supply chains is a Transportation Management System (TMS). Essentially, a Transportation Management System is software used internally by supply chains for transportation.

Although different Transportation Management System software might vary, there are some tasks that the software can accomplish. Typically, Transportation Management System software allows shippers to see their orders. Supply chains can use the software to access information such as transportation routes, loading/unloading details and more. If a supply chain would like to organize shipments by transportation mode, including truck, rail, air and ocean, the software can do that. If a supply chain wants to track their shipments while in route, or they want to dispatch carriers, sometimes the Transportation Management System software could do that.

Why use a Transportation Management System? The software allows shippers to maintain all regulations and federal compliances with shipping. If you want to change a freight shipment last minute, you can do that with the software. And the Transportation Management System software might help you save time and money.

The only major problem with Transportation Management System software is the cost of the license for one. That is why many supply chains work with Freight Forwarders for shipping. Freight Forwarders have their own technology that helps shippers save time and money.