The Trucking Industry and the 2013 Economy

In order for the US economy to bounce back in 2013, the domestic shipping industry needs to play a big role. Supply chains and manufacturers across the US are looking to cut back and trim their budgets in 2013, in order to meet the demands of their customers. LTL trucking will be an important factor for these businesses in 2013. For example, a good LTL freight quote might determine the shipping costs for businesses in the US. Thus, the trucking industry must respond.

Even in the rough economic environment of 2013, the domestic shipping industry is responding to the needs of US businesses by continuing to spend in certain areas. The concept is that if the shipping industry makes good investments in US shipping, then US businesses will support the shipping industry. Carriers are looking to upgrade their equipment in 2013 to ensure better deliveries of shipments. Recent news of North American trucking operator Mullen Group spending $80 Million in 2013 on new trucking equipment (tractors, trailers and specialized hauling equipment), sparked enthusiasm in the trucking industry. The Mullen Group’s Chairman and CEO, Murray K. Mullen, stated: “While we expect 2013 to be a challenging year with little opportunity to grow our business due to economic and industry conditions, Mullen Group will continue to generate significant cash from operations.”

Even US freight forwarders are responding to the 2013 economic conditions by continuing to invest in new shipping technologies. After all, instant LTL freight quotes online supply many US businesses with an efficient way to save money and time on domestic shipping. Hopefully the US economy will grow in 2013 and the domestic shipping industry will be at the center of the economic growth.