Trucking Pallets Usage By Freight Forwarding Companies

We are able to ship various kinds of pallets. All freight forwarding companies use two primary kinds of pallets namely block pallets and stringer pallets. The stringer variety of pallets comprise bases made of 2x4 dimension wood with metal or plastic stringers while the normal pallets of block type use individual blocks in the construction of the pallets.

Information On Pallets

The pallets get referred primarily by freight forwarding companies according to the kind of entry they have. They are also referred depending on the manner in, which forklifts can get beneath the pallet to facilitate better movement. There are primarily three kinds of pallet entry modes namely:

  • Two-way: Such pallets used in Conway freight have openings for forklift forks in two pallet ends, that is all. These kinds of pallet entry types are also known as 'unnotched' types of pallets.
  • Four-way partial: Such kinds of pallets employed by freight forwarding companies during transport of Conway freight comprise openings at either end, much like conventional two-way type pallets. However, these pallets also have side openings of small size at the sides along with limited space to facilitate certain forklift brands. This can be because of various design requirements or top boards of overlapping nature. It is rare to find such pallets in use by freight forwarding companies.
  • Entry pallet four-way: Such kinds of pallets comprise openings at either end as well as the sides. These pallets used by freight forwarding companies come with complete accessibility across all the openings. All of the block design pallets use this kind of construction and entry type design. In fact, these pallets are the most common kinds in use by freight forwarding companies.

Most often, the type as well as class of the pallets are combined and hence you have terms such as 'four-way type block' or 'two-way type stringer' etc. Since pallets had been invented the first by US military, they come with intricate specifications and detailing and freight forwarding companies need to adhere to such specifications when they transport Conway freight or Conway freight. There is a huge diversity when it comes to specifications for pallets based on usage, most pallets get made from wood and have dimensions approximately 40x48 inches. This is the prescribed standard as per GMA or Grocery Manufacturers Association. The GMA happens to be the deciding authority on pallet size because they were the first industry to accomplish this and the process stuck on ever since.