Trucking Rates to Increase this Year?

At the conclusion of every business quarter, the experts at Transport Capital Partners conduct a special survey with the business leaders in the freight shipping industry. This survey is always considered to be a vital way to take the temperature of the current state and future expectations of the Transport Capital Partners in the United States. The survey is constantly quoted by many respectable news organizations. At the end of this particular business quarter, the survey has revealed some very interesting things about the shipping industry at this time.

Currently, the leaders of trucking companies across the United States are very encouraged over the news of the rate increases for shipping freight by truck. As a result, many of them are reevaluating their business plans for the fiscal year. Part of the reason for the positive expectations in this Transport Capital Partners survey is a result of the larger cargo volumes projections. The majority of the leaders who completed the survey expect a large increase in trucking rates in 2014. Spot market prices are already increased during this past quarter.

For shippers who depend on trucking, it might be a tough pill to swallow when hearing this news. If the trucking rates are different, this could greatly impact many supply chains across the United States. The best thing that a shipper could do today is to get in contact with a trusted freight forwarder to help find a better shipping plan that is more in line with their transportation budget for 2014.