Truckload Increases 2012

After all that has happened over the course of 2012, it looks like truckloads will be one industry that is ending on a high note for the year. The November freight shipping numbers are in and they are up compared to this time last year.  Some are attributing this to Superstorm Sandy and all of the truck shipment delays as well as influxes of materials needed on the east coast in the recovery process. Others see it along with increased Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and see it as a slight economic recovery. Businesses and consumers turned to instant trucking quotes online for help in November.

Many people look to trucking numbers to see trends in how the economy is doing in terms of retail and wholesale shipping. Not only are they specific loads to measure by but they use tonnage just as a container ship would and we can see numbers for different areas of the country in detail. These numbers can sometimes show the direction of other industries as well since there are so many areas attached to the trucking industry and freight forwarders.

The only trouble now is keeping this trend going. Many economists see the increases in contract rates as a positive sign and rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy should help the process continue moving forward. The two things that may be an issue in the future are the new hours of service compiled with the driver shortages. As a result, truckers are proceeding slowly despite the positive news. At least now drivers in the trucking industry can start to see the silver lining for 2013.