TRUE Safety Act

One of the biggest stories in the domestic trucking industry in 2013 concerns the Hours of Service rules that were being regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). One of the most debated and controversial aspects of the new law has been by regulating truck drivers for how many hours they can drive on the road. This refers to a 34-hour restart. The intent of the regulation was to create safer roads. After all, if a truck driver has been hauling freight on the roads, they need a break to sleep.

Some trucking carriers are not happy with this regulation. They claim that the hours of service rules will hurt the economy, diminish the industry and could eventually result in higher freight shipping rates. Recently, 3 members of the House of Representatives (from both political parties) introduced the TRUE Safety Act. Essentially, the TRUE Safety Act would revert and delay the new 34-hour restart rules. In addition, the TRUE Safety Act would allow for the creation of a new study on the matter. The hope is that the new proposed research would show the cost, benefits and safety information resulting from the new hours of service rules.

The TRUE Safety Act still has to make it through Congress and pass both the House and the Senate and be signed by the President in order for it to become law. As a shipper, if you have any concerns or questions about how the hours of service rules might impact your shipment, please consult your trusted freight forwarder.