Unit Load Device

In the world of air cargo shipping, the Unit Load Device (ULD) remains an important tool used in transportation. And without the Unit Load Device, the airfreight shipping industry would be vastly different. The Unit Load Device is used to load the cargo onto the airplane prior to departure. Similar to other forms of global transportation, the Unit Load Device also comes in the form of a pallet or a container. The pallets are typically made of aluminum, and so are most of these containers.

Upon first impression of the Unit Load Device, one may look at it and question the prominent use of it in the air cargo shipping industry. The Unit Load Device is a quicker form of storing and transporting cargo on the airplane, and is certainly quicker than just by having workers do all of the work. And that time saved also limits the financial burden since there are less labor costs. This in turn helps lower airfreight shipping rates. In addition to the important money and time reasons, the Unit Load Device also has many safety benefits for the cargo.

The IATA (International Air Transport Association) has a special panel that monitors the Unit Load Device standards and procedures. The panel also acts as an ambassador for promoting the usage of the Unit Load Device on an international level. As any shipper can see the Unit Load Device is vital to the logistics industry and to the air cargo shipping. If you have any questions, consult your trusted freight forwarder.