The Urgency to Invest in our Ports

If the United States of America wants to continue to be among the leading ocean freight shipping nations in the World, we must make significant improvements to many ports within the next few years. Nations like Brazil and Mexico are investing in transportation upgrades to their seaports in the hopes of competing in a global economy. Ocean freight ports are in need of upgrades that could help supply chains and shippers everywhere.

There are many vital infrastructure projects that could be upgraded at US ports. Terminals and cargo storage facilities are among the first aspects of a port that could be upgraded. Many ports also encourage dredging projects, which will improve the navigation of vessels at the ports. Another upgrade at the ports could be with berths, including the bulk berths. These berth upgrades will improve logistics by making it easier to load and unload cargo. Investments in port security and technology should also be considered to make the ports safer for cargo and for those who work there. Other improvement projects that ports should consider include drainage and improving connections from the port to railroads and roads.

Freight forwarders across the United States strongly support upgrades to ports so that the United States can continue to be a competitive force in international shipping. In recent years, private companies like the American International Group and Goldman Sachs have made investments in terminals at ports to upgrade the facilities. And recently the state of Florida approved $150 million in bonds to make infrastructure improvements at seaports.